The following is an outline of general homework routines and policies for my class.

*Math homework is given nightly in the form of a double-sided workbook page also accompanied by that day's math lesson pages to help in assist in completing homework


  *If homework is ever different than the above it should be noted on this page, but the most up to date homework assignments are placed in your child's planner.    

Friday Folders should be signed by a parent on Fridays and returned empty and signed on Mondays. The only papers to be returned are signed tests which indicate that on the top of them with a stamp.
Friday Folders will include everything that we have worked on that week including graded homework, tests, and quizzes.  This way you can keep track of how your child is doing!

Each day that an entire night's homework is completed, students will earn a sticker on their monthly homework chart.  If students have completed all of their homework for the month, they will received a free homework pass good for one assignment!  


Missed homework assignments include those not done and those done, but left at home.  All missing homework assignments will be made up.