Homework Explanation
Homework Explanation for Mr. Mills' Class

Each student in my class has been given a homework planner that was provided by the Harding PTO. Students are responsible for writing down their homework from the homework board at the end of each school day. Below is a description of the homework subjects students will receive. 

Spelling- Every week students are given a list of 20 spelling words. 
Monday and Tuesday write 10 sentences a night using each word.
Wednesday write a paragraph using any 10 words.
Thursday study each word for the spelling test on Friday.

Math- Students will have a Go Math worksheet assigned to reinforce what we learned today in class. Test and quizzes will be announced in advance and students will have sample questions to study prior each test.

Grammar- Students will have a worksheet on selected nights.

Reading- Students will have questions and reading assigned on selected nights. Tests will be given after a story or book is completed. Students will have time to prepare and study before each test. 

Social Studies and Science- will be assigned on selected nights and students may have questions from the text book or a worksheet to be completed.

Writing- Students will keep a writing journal where they will be writing various short stories and learning different styles of writing. Students will also be learning from a student writing handbook.