Gifted & Talented Corner

Gifted & Talented Home Science Investigations

Fun Science experiments to try at home. Take pictures and record your results and report back what you found out.

  • Do ants have a preference for direction? Catch and release an ant. Which way do they go? Is there a common trend or not? You can try this project with other crawling insects.
  • Do colored ice cubes melt at the same rate as clear ice cubes? Add food coloring to an ice cube tray and compare how long the colored cubes take to melt compared with the regular ones.
  • Does magnetism travel through all materials? Put different materials between a magnet and metal. Do they affect how strongly the magnet is attracted to the metal? If so, do they all affect the magnetic field the same amount?


  • Do all crayon colors last the same? Draw a really long line with one color, draw the same length of line with another color. Are both crayons the same length?


  • Will seeds germinate if you soak them in a liquid other than water? You can try milk, juice, vinegar, and other common household liquids. Alternatively, you could see if plants will grow if they are 'watered' with liquids other than water.