March 20-

LA(AM)- Spelling ABC order (6D) finish packet for essay

Science wks 36-37

LA (PM)- WW 12 parts A and B are due tomorrow.

March 19-

Science outline

LA(AM) spelling sentences (6D) and WW5 Parts D and E

LA (PM) grammar wks, WW12 parts A and B are due Thursday

March 15-

LA- (AM) ch 28-30 Bystander vocab and questions

Science quiz is Monday (14.1)

LA(PM)- finish rough copy/ vocab and questions fro Ch 12. Quiz is Tuesday- chapters 9-12

March 14-

La (AM)- 3x each. spelling quiz is tomorrow. WW5 part A (6L)

Science quiz is Monday 14.1/ do wks 18/19

LA (PM)- none

March 13-

LA (AM) finish questions and vocab for Chapters 25-27

Science - wks 15

LA (PM)- WW 11 quiz is tomorrow/ finish WW review sheet/ vocab and questions for Ch 10 of Titanic

March 12-

LA- (AM) spelling sentences and grammar wks

Science wks 14

LA- WW 11 quiz is Thursday. Do chapter 10 questions and WW 11 review

March 11-

LA (AM)- quiz is tomorrow on Ch 19-24. 3x (6d) and 5x each (6L)

Science finish outline for ch 14.1

LA pm- finish chapter 9 questions of Titianic

March 7-

LA(AM)- 3x each (6D) finish ch 22-24, WW4 quiz is tomorrow

Science test Ch 13 is tomorrow.

LA (PM)- quiz on Ch 5-8 is tomorrow- finish parts D-E of WW11

March 6

LA(AM) spelling sentences (6D) Wordly Wise 4 part D. Finish chapter 19-21 vocab and questions.

Science- test is Friday Ch 13

LA (PM)-Wordly Wise 11 parts A-C. Chapter 5-8 quiz is Friday

March 5-

LA(AM) 3x each (6D) and parts C-D of WW4

Science test is Friday, finish review sheet

LA(PM) finish vocab and questions for Titanic. Quiz is on Friday

March 1-

LA- (AM) quiz on Tuesday, Ch 13-18

Science- test is Wednesday ch 13

LA (PM)- essay is due Monday.

February 26-

LA(AM) spelling sentences and finish the do now

Science- 13.2 outline

LA(PM) quiz on ch 1-4 is tomorrow. WW10 quiz is Thursday.

February 25-

LA (AM) 3x (6D) and 5x (6L)
- quiz tomorrow on Ch 7-12

Science- none

LA(PM)- Wordly wise quiz is Wednesday.