Nightly Homework

 AM Math-

PM Math-

AM Science-            -

PM Science-       

 TUES. __________________________________________________
AM Math-  - Finish 1-10on page 99 & 100  and ready to go on page 101

PM Math-   Finish the worksheet and if you finished check your work on a calculator and make the corrections.
AM Science- complete the study guide for lesson 3-1 
PM Science:  complete the outline and the study guide for lesson 3-1


 Wed __________________________________________________
AM Math-  Go over last nights homework and make corrections with your answers. 

PM Math-complete the review worksheet Test on Chapter 1 will be on Friday.  

AM Science- finish the note cards and Quiz will be on Friday
PM Science- 3-1 quiz tomorrow.  finish the graded packet with your book tonight.  

 Thurs __________________________________________________
AM Math- Workbook pages 23 & 24 show all work on loose leaf paper
PM Math- Do worksheet show all your work

PM Science- Finish the lesson 1 outline
 FRI.  ________________________________________________
PM MATH- complete worksheets
AM Science-

Pm Math-

HOMEROOM- Return fundraiser form
                  - dance permission slip