Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Homework is a very important part of your success in school.  Doing your homework helps you to be ready for the next day’s lesson and keeps information fresh in your mind so you can learn it.  Homework is required and will be graded in some way. Below is a list of some important points regarding your homework.

1.  You are required to have all of your homework done NEATLY every day.

2. If you fail to have an assignment you will receive a zero for that assignment and it must be made up.

3.  Each homework assignment that is completed neatly and demonstrates effort is equivalent to a 100 added to your homework grade.

4. Each homework assignment that is incomplete will result in a 50 added to homework grade.   

5.  At the end of the making period all homework grades will be calculated and a final homework grade will be added to your final grade for that subject.

6.  Homework is worth 20% of your final grade in each subject; therefore, completion of homework will greatly impact your grade.

7. You will be expected to complete the missed assignment that night and hand it in to me the next day.

8.  If you are ill and miss school, you are responsible for making up the homework and coming to me for any missed work/tests/ papers.  In the event you are absent, you will have 2 days to make up any missed work.  Any work/test that is not completed within this time will become a zero.

9.  Some homework assignments will be graded as test grades.  I will most often announce this when the homework is assigned. But sometimes, I may decide to count an assignment without announcing it, so be prepared. 

10. Make thing very simple for yourself- DO YOUR HOMEWORK!