Spelling Homework:  Our Spelling homework follows a weekly schedule.  All work should be completed in your child's spelling notebook.  The schedule may change for shortened weeks.

Monday: Write all spelling words 3 times each.

Tuesday:  Write sentences using any 8 Spelling words.

Wednesday: Complete an activity from the list using the other 8                           words.
Thursday:  Choose an activity from the list in the spelling book, 
                 and study for the test on Friday.

Math:  Math homework will be assigned Monday - Thursday.  It will usually be a double sided workbook page from Go Math!.  Please let me know if your child struggles with their math homework.

Reading:  Students will be required to read nightly.  They should read a total of 60 minutes weekly.  How they divide up the reading will be up to them.  They will record the amount of time they read and the book title on a weekly reading log.  You will need to sign the log weekly, and have your child return the log on Monday.