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The students are required to do spelling homework Mon. - Thurs.

This schedule will change on shortened weeks. The nightly homework assignments are taped to the inside cover of the spelling journal.

Monday - Write each word 3 times

Tuesday Write sentences for words #1-8

Wednesday Write sentences for words # 9-16

Thursday - Write words in ABC order.  Have someone in your house give you a pre-spelling test.  If you get a word wrong write it three times.

Once we begin the new year (2109) the students' spelling homework will change.  They will be provided a spelling grid.

The  spelling homework grid gives the students a choice of three different assignments.  They will only be required to complete 
one of the three assignments each night. 


Math homework is given Monday through Thursday.  It is typically a double-sided workbook page from our Go-Math series.  One side reinforces the concept taught in class that day.  The other side is a spiral review to help strengthen previously learned math concepts.  Both sides of the workbook page are to be completed and returned the following day.

(unless specific instructions are provided otherwise)