Supply List

Class Supply List


Mrs. McGee’s Kindergarten Supply List


©     1 Shoebox sized plastic container with a lid which should contain the following items:



©      6 large glue sticks

©   2 highlighters

©   1 pair of child safety scissors

©      1 box of thick and/or thin markers

©      1 box of Crayola Twistable Colored pencils and/or crayons

©      1 box of crayons



This will be used as your child’s “special box”, which WILL BE RETURNED at the end of the year. Please label the box with their name on both of the small ends.



© 2 boxes or refill packs of Unscented baby wipes

© 2 sturdy folders with pockets on the bottom (homework/daily folders)

© 1 dozen pencils

© Headphones for the computer lab


Please label all of the items with your child’s name



         **Wish List Items **

These are optional items that would be most helpful and appreciated.


©       Tissues and/or paper towels

©       DRY erase markers (Expo)

©       Box of Zip close bags (gallon)

©       Stickers and/or craft supplies

©       Ream of heavyweight white cardstock paper

©       Sidewalk chalk

©      1 bag of small toys (used as incentive )



Thank you for helping us to get the year started out right!


Mrs. McGee