May Ideas
May Ideas
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1. Let your child measure the ingredients when you bake cookies. She'll get great practice in weights, measures, division, fractions, time- and have fun eating the results.

2. Take your child to symphony concerts, ballets, and musical theater performances to enrich his life and stimulate his interest in music.

3.Play "Mind Math" when you run errands or wait at the dentist's office: Start with an easy set of numbers to calculate and then move on to items like: 3+5+2-4

4. Listening to and participating in music activities actually raises a child's IQ. Let young children make and play a simple rhythm instrument, such as a plastic spice jar with rice or beans inside for "maracas" or sandpaper glued onto two blocks of wood. Older children can learn to play a recorder, lap harp, or guitar. Turn on music, and let the children keep time to the beat and play along.

5. Be a cheerleader for your child. Look for what she is doing right and sincerely compliment it. Look for the progress she's making in school, and point it out.

6. Play happy music such as marching tunes or other uplifting instrumentals in the mornings to set a positive tone for the day.

7. Suggest to your child to write a letter to the author of his very favorite book. Send it to the author in care of the book's publisher.

8. Praise your child for a job well done, whether that is a clean bedroom, bringing home a good grade on a test, or finishing a science project on time.

9. Next to your child's bed, add a READING lamp and a basket of books on her special interests.

10. Encourage your child to be observant. When he looks at a tree, ask: Is the bark rough or smooth? Are the leaves dull or shiny, long or rounded?

11. Get balloons of different sizes and shapes. Blow them up and let your child release them outside one at a time. Retrieve them and talk about how long each balloon stayed in the air, how far it went, and why.

12. Teach your child a song you learned as a child. Then sing it together.