Weekly Word Lists
Weekly Word Lists

A City (Big Book)                                                         

the, to, of, I, is


  Frog in a Bog (Big Book)

          at, and, hang, have, had 


  Sam, Come Back!

          can, that, am, has, come


  Pig in a Wig 

          in, it, big, did, his


  Poem from Poetry journal - Teacher’s Convention


A Fox and a Kit 

          will, if, kick, quit, him



  Big Blue Ox 

          little, give, on, box, got  


 Poem from Poetry journal- Thanksgiving   


  Get the Egg 

          went, men, get, tell, best  


  Animal Park 

          up, jump, just, but, fun  


  A Big Fish For Max 

            with, this, thing, them, us


  The Farmer in the Hat 

           made, make, day, rain, they


  Who Works Here? 

          like, ride, nice, night, my


  The Big Circle 

          boat, go, know, old, bone  


  Life in the Forest 

          use, school, zoo, new, over  


  Honey Bees 

          see, me, eat, because, was  


  A Place to Play 

          many, furry, jelly, sorry, very  


  Ruby In Her Own Time 

          who, what, when, where, why


Poem from poetry journal- 4 day week- President’s Day/100 th Day


  The Class Pet

           more, for, corn, floor, favorite  


  Frog and Toad Together 

           car, are, again, off, want  


  I'm a Caterpillar 

          burn, girl, her, were, during  


  Where Are My Animal Friends? 

          badge, fudge, sure, animal, friend  


  Mama's Birthday Present 

           can't, won't, it's, don't, said  



          from, pretty, sister, itch, catch


  A Trip To Washington D.C.  

          brother, teacher, children, boy, join  


  A Southern Ranch 

          knock, saw, all, walk, here  


  Peter's Chair 

          world, some, your, does, wonderful  


  Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper's House

        down, out, house, our, how 


Tippy Toe Chick, Go!

        puddle, wiggle, people, eyes, do


  Mole and Baby Bird

        learn, could, also, above, after


Dot and Jabber

        look, good, none, another, instead


Simple Machines

        goes, against, heavy, through, different