Chapter 7 Alligator Math
Chapter 7 Alligator Math

Animated Alligators and Crocodiles Chomp Chomp to Find the Bigger Number Animated Alligators and Crocodiles


Who knew that an alligator could be so helpful in math??? Well since we have learned how to count and model all kinds of numbers it is time to compare them and the alligator is going to be our helper in this process. This chapter will focus on finding out which number is bigger or smaller; greater than or less than.



  > is greater than

< is less than

is greater than - more in quantity or amount

is less than - fewer in quantity or amount

When comparing numbers we are trying to tell if one number is more or less than another number. In class we use the wonderful and loved by all example of chocolate. Would you rather have 15 pieces of chocolate or 25 pieces of chocolate? animated gifs of chocolate Well now we are kicking it up a notch… we are going to compare the numbers to see how many more and how many less using the bigger numbers!!

·       An example of this is:

7 is 1 less than 8.

8 is 1 more than 7

70 is 10 less than 80.

80 is 10 more than 70.

Counting on or counting back as we did when we were adding and subtracting numbers a few chapters ago, will help students develop these concepts. It is also helpful to have some models or counters to help. Again using dimes and pennies and other small objects can help. The 100s chart is also very helpful for students to see the numbers and realize that charts are helpful.

The key understandings here are:

·       Numbers get bigger by 1 when adding to the ONES and get bigger by 10 when adding to the TENS.

·       When comparing numbers like 56 and 75 look at the number in the tens to see which is bigger or smaller. We also will start using the < and > signs to show less than and greater than. We use an alligator to demonstrate which is greater than and less than. The alligator eats the bigger number. The open part of the mouth makes the shape of the open triangle. So the alligator that looks like this:

would be the one that is the greater than.

The alligator that looks like this:

would be the one that is less than. Better watch out for that crazy alligator!! Munch! Munch!!


Activities for Chapter 7


1. Alligator Card Game

Materials: a deck of cards, copies of alligators to show the greater than and less than signs



     1. Each player draws a card. Each player decides which

         is greater faster by pulling out the greater alligor card

         first. Whoever gets it right gets to keep the card. The

         player with the most cards at the end wins.

     2. Repeat play by looking for the lesser card.



2. Yummy Numbers

Materials: favorite small candy or raisins, cups


     1. Spill the treat on the table and each player takes a handful of the treat and puts it in the cup.

     2. Each side guesses if they have more or less by putting out an alligator greater than or less than card.

     3. Swap cups and count how many are in each. Whoever has the most gets to eat some of the others!