Chapter 1 - Unlock the World of Adding
Chapter 1 - Unlock the World of Adding


Adding + Adding = Understanding Adding

Adding is the joining of two groups and can be shown in an adding sentence that uses the + sign and the = sign to show the answer. The big idea that we focus on is that the biggest number in an adding sentence is at the end.





Making Numbers Using 10-

In order to be successful at adding and subtracting, numbers have to be your child's best friend!! Children need to know all about numbers and the world that they live in. In order to understand that 4+4=8, the child first needs to see that 8 can be broken up into 2 groups of 4 and 4 more. A ten frame can be used as a tool for kids to see these combinations, especially if different color counters are used. Bigger numbers also can be represented on the ten frame by adding the extra underneath.  


When adding counters to a ten-frame, fill the top row first; then add counters to the second row so the relationship to 5 and 10 becomes apparent.


Example- "12" on a ten frame   Say, "10 and 2 more is 12"


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  We also learn in this chapter that there are a lot of ways to add. Are you ready for this, because here come some ways to help your child add like a pro!



1. Draw pictures of the groups. 

This is where you can see the budding artists start to come out. While we love ourselves some good artwork, make sure that the math is the focus. We make quick pictures in class and save the masterpieces for our other projects. Draw one group of the sentence and then the other and count how many in all.


5  + 2 =



2. Use objects. Grab anything small around the house and put them in groups. From cars to dolls to raisins to chocolate chips, you can use anything to represent the adding in math stories!!



3. All you have to do is turn it around!! 

We have a lot to do as First Graders so we need to add and move on, so if we can find some tricks then have at it! This one shows that as long as the numbers are the same it does not matter what order they are in because the answer will be the same. That means...

If you know 3 + 5 = 8 then you "turn it around" and get...


5 + 3 = 8!!! That is it!! Now practice for yourself!!


4. Zero is our Hero. If you are adding with 0 then your answer is the number you started with. Here is the secret, you actually do not have to add!! If you see zero you know that things will be good for you!







Here you will find some extra activities to reinforce the concepts from this chapter.



Activity 1- Number Combinations


Materials: counters (can be anything you find in the house), paper, crayons


  1. Tell a simple math story such as:

There are 7 children in a room. Some are boys and some are girls. How many can be boys and how many can be girls?

  1. Have the children show one possible solution using counters and then record the solution like this:

4 boys and 3 girls

  1. Then the partner or parent males a different way. Go back and forth taking turns until there are no other ways to make the number.
  2. The child can make a book of the different numbers and ways to make that number. You will be quite amazed at the home-made number book!!!!