Chapter 12 Plain 'Ol Shapes
Chapter 12 Plain 'Ol Shapes


Chapter 12- 2D Geometry

What a great way to start wrapping up the year by learning some more Geometry. There is a lot of new vocabulary in this chapter so take it slow and everyone will get it. Shapes are all around us so there is a lot that kids can connect to. This is definitely a topic that allows for exploration and discovery, so bring on the shapes!!


***A KEY concept to this chapter is that there is a difference between SHAPES and SOLIDS. Shapes are flat and solids are 3-D. We say in class that solids you can touch all of the way around and shapes are flat as we slap the desk. ***




equal parts - parts of an object or group that have been divided equally into pieces

equal shares - parts of a whole that are the same size



faces - the flat parts of a solid figure


fourths - four equal parts

halves - two equal parts

quarters - four equal parts or shares

sides - the line segments that form shapes

unequal parts - parts of a whole that are not the same size


vertices - the points where the flat parts of the solids meet (in a flat shape these are called corners). We say these are the “ouch” points of the solid.





PLANE SHAPES- Plain 'ol shapes!

These are the shapes that make the solids. Last chapter was all about the solids and now the children are learning about how we get those solids. There are many connections that can be made to the real world again so when you are out and about feel free to have the child point out the shapes. Make sure that the children see that no matter what way the shape is that it is still that shape. A triangle is a triangle no matter if it is like a mountain or like a flag. We slide, flip, and turn a shape so that the children can see how shapes can be moved around and still be the same shape. We talk about the number of sides, whether it is flat or curved, and corners.



Another really fun part of learning about shapes is building with them and breaking them up with a karate chop. This allows kids to really jump into the world of the shape and understand everything there is to know about the shape. Kids learn what shapes are made of and how to work with them. Kids can be in "super shape" by learning about the shapes!



Think of fractions in a yummy way because food always makes things better. Fractions are like slices of pizza pies and that is the approach that we will take in class. We will think of fractions as parts of a shape that are the same size and shape and parts of a group. The key concept here is that we are “sharing” the parts so that everyone gets a fair share.


The following are the fractions that we will be mostly talking about:


½ or 1 out of 2 parts


1/3 or 1 out of 3 parts


¼ or 1 out of 4 parts



Activities for Chapter 12 Concepts




Materials: pictures of shapes either drawn or cut out from magazines



1.     Discuss ways to sort different shapes, encouraging the child to notice the shape, color, and size of objects.

2.   Hold up one of the shapes and discuss the shape, color, and size. Have the child sort other shapes into a group with the first shape based on one attribute that is the same.

3.   Repeat with different shapes.

4.   Prompt the child to sort one time at least based on how many sides.

5.   Find shapes around the house that could also be included in the group.




Materials: 12 counters, a piece of paper, string, and scissors



1.     Place the counters between you and the child. Ask how can the counters be shared between two people. Record all of the ways.

2.   Then look at the ways and decide which way is the most fair so that both of you have the same amount.

3.   Repeat with the piece of paper and the string.

4.   This activity can be expanded to sharing with three or four people.

5.   Whenever there is a pizza pie that needs to be cut or a bunch of cookies that need to be shared ask how to make it fair.

6.   When there is a group that has three of the same and I is different you can remind the child that 1 out of the four is different. Find ways to demonstrate this with M&Ms or other candies.