Notebook Directions
Notebook Directions




Welcome!! Welcome!! Welcome!!


Inside your child's notebook we will further explore the world of Junie B. Jones. As we will read later on, she likes to have a Top Secret Personal Beeswax notebook where she can record her ideas. 

Your child will use this notebook to record his/her ideas related to each story that we read in class. There are two parts to this notebook.

1.  The first activity is the writing response that your child will start in class. You will see the writing prompt when you click on the link that goes with the appropriate book. If your child does not finish this writing in class, it will be sent home.  When the notebook comes home, please just let your child write with First Grade spelling unless the word is a Word Wall Word or rhymes with a Word Wall word. This will allow your child and yourself see the progression throughout the year.

2. The second activity is a worksheet that builds on the lessons learned in the book that we have read. Please complete the activity the night that it comes home and then glue it in the notebook and return the book the next day. These papers will usually be purple.


We are very excited to embark on this journey together into the crazy and silly world of Junie B. Jones. Your child will think and think and think and learn to love Junie B. Jones speedy quick!! As always if there are any questions or concerns, please see me.