Book # 21 Junie B., First Grader Cheater Pants
Book # 21 Junie B., First Grader Cheater Pants








Junie B. Jones has all the answers when it comes to cheating. It’s just plain wrong!But what about copying someone else’s homework? That’s not cheating, right? ’Cause homework isn’t even a test! And speaking of tests . . . what if a friend shares an answer that you didn’t even ask for? Sharing definitely isn’t cheating . . . is it? Uh-oh.


Home- To- School Connection

Ask your child how many friends he has. List what qualities we look for in a friend. Junie B. says that there are "bestest" friends and "regular" friends. Ask your child if his agree or disagree. Can he explain the differences between the two? Has he ever had a fight with a friend? How was it resolved? Did a friend ever ask him to do something he didn't want to do or thought was bad? How did he handle the situation?

Write the word cheat on a piece of paper and ask your child if he knows what it means. With the child, list situations that would be considered examples of cheating. Have your child compare Junie B.'s use of the word borrow with Mr. Scary's use of the word stealing. Write the word trust on a piece of paper and ask your child if he knows what it means. Have him give examples of people in his life who are very trustworthy. Are friends always trustworthy? What happens when you lose trust in a person? Can you trust a person again after he/she has let you down?