Book # 20 Junie B., Toothless Wonder
Book # 20 Junie B., Toothless Wonder


Yikes . . . it's a looth tooth! One of Junie B. Jones' top front teeth is loose! Only Junie B. is not that thrilled about this development. because what if she looks like toothless Uncle Lou? And even worse . . . what's all this tooth fairy business? Like, who is this woman, really? and what does she do with all those unused teeth? So many questions, so little time.


Home- To- School Connection

Show your child that recycling symbol on various products and ask her if she know what it means. Explain the symbol and define the term recycling, making a list of things in the home made from materials that can be recycled (glass, metals, plastics, paper). Using information provided on labels, list those items already made from recycled materials (brown paper bags, egg cartons, aluminum cans). Help your child to appreciate why recycling is important to our environment and to our standard of living. Hint that she is going to discover some very interesting ideas Junie B. has about recycling in this latest book.


Class Activity


·           Children do worksheet Junie B.;s Tooth Tale and then glue into notebook upon completion.

·           Writing Prompt- Write your own story about losing a tooth.