A Guide to Homework in First Grade

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Homework can stir up many emotions, but it is a vital connection between school and home. Homework reinforces what is learned in school as well as teaches vital organization and responsibility skills that will carry through your childs life into adulthood. Homework allows a glimpse into what is happening in school so that you can see how wonderful your child is at school or where your child needs some help. Another benefit is the time that you get to spend with your child. This is a time to guide your child and see how independent he can be. Below you will see what is expected of your child on a nightly basis. As always if there are any questions or concerns, please let me know.


Here is a link to some other homework tips:



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This of course is the most important homework that you can do with your child!! The following is in addition to reading the book that comes home from the class library in the Ziploc bag. Remember that if your child takes out a chapter book read one chapter a night.


MONDAY: Read the story in the reader and complete the Souvenir paper about that story.


TUESDAY: Read the story in the reader.


WEDNESDAY: Read the story in the reader and complete a writing paper.These are GREEN and are done in the green journal.


THURSDAY: Complete the Making Wordssheet (which is pink).


Word Wall Words-

This is the area that traditionally was called “Spelling”. See the separate section on my homepage that details the different ways to practice the Word Wall Words.


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Monday-Thursday: There will be a math sheet that goes home that coordinates with the lesson for the day or review for the test. Check the math page that comes home that we completed in class for any tips or help with the math.


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Your child will receive a poem on Tuesday that we will also be reading in class. Please read the poem in the poetry notebook with your child each night during the week and then complete the writing prompt. Hand the notebook in ON  FRIDAY. Your child is to write the answer in his/her best first grade writing. That means that the spellings do not have to be perfect dictionary spelling. As the year goes on the writing will get better and the sentences will be incredible!! Poetry is great because it allows the child to be involved in a little story and work with rhyming which is essential to successful reading and writing. Hang in there… you will get the hang of this. In the meantime, you and your child will get some more quality time and your child will be a reading maniac. Maybe we will find the next Shakespeare!!




Weekly Projects:

Periodically throughout the year there will be theme or topic related little projects that will be due on Fridays. These will be extensions of what we are learning in class and will also be on blue sheets.