Dear Parents,

Your child's BLUE Language Arts folder goes home on at the beginning of each week with a book for reading, a double-sided spelling worksheet and a Language Arts packet.  All work should be completed throughout the week. This packet should be returned on Fridays.

All Math homework should be returned the following school day.

It's a good idea to set a routine early in the year.  Pick a time and place for homework. Studies show that children thrive when expectations are clear and consistent!





Your child should complete a double-sided math worksheet that pairs with the day's lesson.



Your child should read their independent reading level stories every night. A new book will be in their BLUE Language Arts Homework folder at the start of each week.

They should read the weekly story from the class "reader" on Thursdays. 



Your child should complete the double-sided spelling sheet in their BLUE Language Arts Homework folder. There is one activity for each night (Mondays through Thursdays). 


Lanugage Arts


You will receive a " Family Times" packet in their BLUE Language Arts Homework folder on Mondays.  The entire packet should be completed and returned by the end of the week it is assigned.  Packets include spelling, phonics, grammar, and writing work that correlate to the weekly theme. 

BONUS!!!!! There are enrichment activities for each day of the week that you can complete with your child.