Here are a list of supplies needed for first grade.  Please label them with your child’s name.  No need to purchase a pencil box/bag or folder. Your child will be given these supplies on the first day of school.


___ 1 package of pencils

___ 1 box of markers (8 count- classic colors)

___ 1 box of crayons (24 count)

___ 1 pair of safety scissors

___ 1 set of headphones that can be attached to an iPad or mp3 player

___ 1 art smock

___ 1 backpack


The following supplies will be used as community suppliesThey are a HOT commodity in our classroom.  Please do not label them.

___ 1 package of THIN BLACK EXPO markers (4 black markers = no

___ 1 package of SKINNY GLUE STICKS

___ 1 box of tissues

___ Antibacterial gel

Our class is always in need of the following items. If you are interested in contributing to our Class Wish List, please send:


___ Ziploc bags (gallon size with zipper)

Ziploc bags (sandwich size with zipper)


___ Baby wipes (refill)


___1 roll of paper towels


___ Eraser caps (erasers for the top of pencils)