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Wednesday Night's Homework

1. Math - Nothing
Can be found on www.thinkcentral.com
Password/Username - Your lunch #
Math Book

2. Social Studies - Lesson 3

3. Skills Challenge Due Friday

4. Writing - Informational Essay - Cause and Effect - Complete 

 Find a Good Book!

Study 5 words every night.
You can find the words here:


Grammar -Practice resources can be found here: https://www.sadlierconnect.com/anonymous/product.html?productId=496&alias=gw&eventId=s5szfVezPBvgU6aO&eventValidation=a88bfe2388f17b3d3d802bb340bdf229._.I3Z7e1ea_QI6U-6clmR9dvJ1EYR_X6XwW6jyx7U4aygmeMJd2mpp0-vAUQxEP4-0Mm6bbzkP8uVXOwa-NPZ31g~~

Spelling Test and Vocabulary Test Friday



When will homework be assigned?

Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.  Assignments should take students no longer than one hour to complete. 


How will I know what my child has for homework?

All homework is copied into the student planner daily.

Homework is also posted on my web page.


How much should my child read at home?

Children are encouraged to read at home for 15 - 20 minutes a night.


How will I be informed if my child does not complete homework?

I will send a note home the day your child does not complete an assignment.