Mrs. Tropeano


Mrs. Tropeano -ELL Teacher

About the ELL Program

  • At the elementary level, English Language Learning (ELL) services are offered to students who meet the eligibility criteria in grades K-6 th . The program includes daily pull-out classes for small group ELL language instruction. ELL groups are determined based on grade level and according to students’ level of English language proficiency. Students are assessed periodically to determine progress in English acquisition.
  • The ELL program is content based and is aligned with WIDA ELD (English Language Development) Standards and our district's curricular objectives. Emphasis is placed on supporting classroom academic goals that will enhance language development for ELL students. Instructional technology is also used to further support language learning goals.
  • Appreciation and respect towards the students’ native language and culture is an important aspect of the ELL program. Various cultural classroom activities, projects and discussions take place throughout the year that encourage students to take pride in their culture, while still adapting to American society.
  • Communication between parents and teachers is encouraged and will help enhance the academic and social growth of each student. ELL parent meetings are scheduled during the school year. The goal of these meetings is to address any general academic or social concerns and to provide parents with information on ways they can help their children become successful learners.