Dyslexia Screening Procedures

Reading/Dyslexia Screening Procedures

  1. ALL Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade students are to be screened with DiBELS in September.
  2. In January DiBELs will be administered for all Kindergarten students and First and Second Grade students who are in Basic Skills or ESL will be assessed, unless there is a concern as indicated on the Dyslexia Warning Checklist. The screening will occur in Basic Skills class.
  3. In May, all students in grades K-2 will be screened with DiBELs. 
  4. Any new student entering the District in grades K-2, regardless of the time year, will be screened with DiBELS as soon as possible upon starting. Attempts will be made to procure any assessments from the previous district as well.
  5. Guided Reading Levels will be assessed with running records 5 times a year to supply needed data and evidence of growth. Formal running records will be conducted in September, November, January, March, and May in First and Second Grade by the classroom teacher. Kindergarten students will be assessed either when they have mastered their letters and sounds or January at the latest. These can be done during a week of Guided Reading groups while the students are in Daily Five activities. The results will be reported to the Language Arts Supervisor and building principal.


  1. Fundations will be the intervention program used for students that have been identified via the aforementioned procedures. This intervention will occur in Basic Skills class beginning as soon as assessment is completed in September for K-2. There will be two groups, Strategic and Intensive to differentiate instruction.
  2. Progress monitoring will occur in the Basic Skills classes in order to document progress.
  3. Classroom teachers will provide work samples as needed throughout the year.




  1. An I&RS referral can be completed if there is no significant progress by April of Kindergarten as demonstrated by progress monitoring data, Guided Reading data, and DiBELS data.
  2. The student then will be given an action plan for First Grade with other interventions and monitored throughout the year.
  3. Upon completion of the January DiBELS assessment and Guided Reading Levels the student will be brought to the following I&RS meeting to discuss progress and further testing if needed.