colonial projects

Colonial Craft Ideas


Colonial America hero:  Select a notable colonial American and complete research on him/her.  Create a timeline of his/her life and accomplishments.  Make a model of the individual.

Colonial schoolhouse:  Build a model of a colonial school house.  Write a description of the classroom, describing what is in it and why.

Colonial game:  Conduct research on a colonial game or toy.  Build a model and then teach the class how to play.

Paper quilling:

Colonial dolls:  Using paper or cloth, make a colonial doll.

Colonial quilt:  Make a model (small) colonial quilt.

Weaving:  Make a loom, and use yarn to weave a square.  Present to class, and explain why and how colonial American wove fabric. Explain what it was used for. Take pictures or video of the weaving to share with the class.

Colonial village:  Build and label a model or a colonial village.

Colonial cooking/baking:  Research colonial recipes.  Select one and prepare it at home.  Bring it in to share with the class. Take pictures or video of the preparation to share with the class.

Yarn doll: Make a yarn doll or two.  Present to class and explain how you made it.

Other crafts:

Covered Wagon model:

Colonial silhouette:  Make a silhouette of your partner and he/she can make yours. Complete research on why and how colonial Americans made silhouettes.