Please come prepared for Kindergarten with the following supplies:  Thank you so much!


 Shoebox sized plastic container with a lid which should contain the following items: 

6 large glue sticks 

2 Post - it pads

1 highlighter

1 box of thick and/or thin markers 

1 box of Crayola Twistable Colored pencils and/or crayons 

1 box of crayons  

This will be used as your child’s “special box,” which WILL BE RETURNED at the end of the year. Please label the box with his/her name on BOTH of the small ends.


Other Supplies......

1 or 2 boxes or refill packs of unscented baby wipes

1 or 2 boxes of tissues 

1 package of DRY erase markers (Expo is one brand of these)  

2 sturdy folders with pockets on the bottom  (homework/daily folders) 

Headphones for the computer lab