Parent Notification

One of the necessary items for I&RS referral is parental notification. Please feel free to use this script.

Teacher Script to notify parent of request made to I&RS for assistance regarding their child:

Hello Mr./Ms. ___(parent’s name)____,

This is ___(your name)____,  ______(child’s name)____   __(the class you teach)___ teacher.

I am calling because I wanted to talk to you about an additional support I’m seeking for him/her.  As you know, he/she has been struggling with __(specific issue)___ in my class.  I am going to reach out to our Intervention and Referral Services team to help me support __(child’s name)__ more.  The team works together to give our teachers assistance with helping our struggling students.  I’m going to submit my request to the team and then you should be hearing from someone on the team in the near future.  They will talk to you about ___(child’s name)___ and your ideas to help him/her as well.  Once we get things going, we will all work together to come up with some strategies I can implement to help him/her be more successful in my class. 

Do you have any questions for me?

I’m looking forward to working with the team.  Thank you for talking with me and the team will be in touch soon.