When Do I Refer a Student to I&RS????

Guidance for Teachers in Requesting Assistance from the I&RS Team



When do I submit a request for assistance to the I&RS team?


  • When multiple interventions have been tried, but student success does not improve over time.
  • When no measurable improvements are observed.
  • When problems or issues get worse.
  • When you need overall assistance with meeting specific classroom needs (i.e. behavior management, ideas for interventions, etc.)


Red Flags (one or more of the following):

  • Student has been retained or failed similar previous courses and continues to demonstrate limited progress
  • There is little or no progress evident despite interventions
  • There is a difference between how the student performs on standardized tests vs. how they perform in class
  • Student has consistently low performance on standardized tests
  • Student demonstrates changes in mood and/or behavior
  • Student demonstrates low performance on class work or homework
  • Student has difficulties that are substantially limiting his or her ability to learn or have successful participation in any other major life activity