Book # 11 Junie B. Jones is a Beauty Shop Guy
Book # 11 Junie B. Jones is a Beauty Shop Guy








What's the bestest job ever? A beauty shop guy, that's what! And with a little practice, a few volunteers, and her dog, Junie B. Jones is going to be one when she grows up. Is Junie B. on her way to a great new career? Or is she about to have the worst hair day ever?


Home- To- School Connection

In Junie B. Jones Is a Beauty Shop Guy, Junie B. gives herself a bad haircut and must go to the beauty shop with her father to have her hair fixed up. Ask students what they would like to be when they grow up. Discuss the types of training people must go through to become beauticians, teachers, doctors, etc.

Class Activity

·           Children do worksheet Junie B.’s Beauty Shop Maze and then glue into notebook upon completion.

·           Writing Prompt- What kind of haircut would you let Junie B. give you and why?