Junie B. Jones, We Love You!!
Junie B. Jones, We Love You!!

Welcome to the page of our class mascot…

Junie B. Jones!!
To the left you will find links to the Random House web page   that coordinates with each book. There are some activities that are listed as for teachers, but feel free to do them at home. These pages will provide information about the themes in the books and will provide you with a summary of the books and talking points about the books. We want to broadcast the joys of Junie B. Jones to the world, “speedy quick”.   There have been some concerns about Junie B>. Jones and her use of language that is not grammatically correct. We use these books to discuss how to talk properly and how crazy Junie B. Jones is to mix up   her words. She makes mistakes and we talk out why the mistakes are wrong and how she could have done better. We do all of this while laughing quite a lot!! Please try not to read ahead so that we can explore the world of Junie B. together. Otherwise enjoy and come along for the ride of your life!   

Here is the link to the publisher's webpage about Junie B. Jones. There are some really neat activities that you can do and print out. Some inspired the activities seen on this webpage.