October 11-

Social St none

LA (AM and PM classes) scope test is on Tuesday.

October 7-

Social St test is on Friday- complete the review for 1.2

LA (AM) Wordly Wise 2 do parts C and D. Bring in your rough copy if you haven't done so.

October 3-

LA(AM) spelling quiz tomorrow. Do 5x each. Grammar wks

Social St. (AM)- finish first page on review

ocial St (PM) crossword puzzle, finish first 3 questions on the review.

October 2-

Social St- none

LA(AM) wordly wise A

LA (PM) finish plot diagram

September 28-

Social St- crossword puzzle. Chapter 1 test is Tuesday

LA (AM)- spelling sentences

LA(PM)- have test signed. finish setting wks and WW2 review. WW2 quiz is tomorrow.

September 27--

Social St- finish making index cards for all 16 vocab words.

LA(PM) - Wordly Wise 2 quiz is Wednesday. Finish Dragon's Dilemma #1-5

LA(AM) setting wks

September 26-

LA(AM)- wordly wise test is tomorrow- complete review sheet and wkb pages

Social St quiz tomorrow

LA (PM)- mood wks 2sides

September 25-

LA (AM)- Wordly Wise 1 quiz is Friday

LA pm- none

Social St- Word Wise wks, quiz is Friday. 

September 24-

Social Studies- please sign and return your quiz. 

LA (AM) none. Wordly Wise 1 quiz is Friday

LA(PM)- Wordly Wise Part D-E