Chapter 10 Data and Graphs and Tally Marks OH MY!!
Chapter 10 Data and Graphs and Tally Marks OH MY!!



Information is EVERYWHERE!!!


We always say in class that we want to save our information  in class the wind blows and gets us all confused and that I cannot remember all that information because we are so busy learning new things! So lucky for us there are graphs and ways to sort this information for years to come. We do have a graph of the day where we compare information so we have been prepped for this section since day one. Here are the ways that we will sort information:

1.     Bar graph- A box is colored in for each item counted. The result is a bar that is made on the graph, hence the name “bar graph”.

2.    Picture graph- In order to record the responses, a picture of the item is drawn in the box. SO if we are counting how many people like pizza, then a piece of pizza would be drawn in each box.

3.     Tally marks- Instead of having to spend so much time counting each item we can make tally marks. Every fifth item counted is drawn with a diagonal line to look like this:



This way of counting also helps us to count by 5s!



Activities for Chapter 10


1. Census First Grade Style!


Materials: paper, pens, clipboard


     1. Pick a topic to survey the family

     about. Children can pick favorite

     food, favorite TV show favorite

     sport, etc.

     2. Children survey the family and

     record with tally marks.

     3. Then the children can turn that

     information into a bar graph and

     pictograph either written or on the