Tongue Twisters
Tongue Twisters

Tongue graphicsTongue Twisters!! Tongue graphics

  Watch out or  you will get twisted! 


Twice a year we work on Tongue Twisters in order to practice sounds and have fun getting all mixed up! In the beginning of the year we use them to review the consonant sounds as we go over the names of the children in class . In January and February we work on the chunks or two consonants that make one sound . In class , In class we review the sounds and then try to say the tongue twister faster and faster trying to get our tongues all tied . We then practice the sounds in sign language to use other parts of our brain . Feel free to practice these at home and challenge each other to see who can say it fastest!!



Beginning of the year Tongue Twisters-


B illy’s b aby b rother b opped B etty.


C arol c an c atch c aterpillars.


D ottie d awdled d uring d inner.


F rank’s f ather f ried f ive f ish.


G orgeous G ail g ets g ood g rades.


H ungry H annah h appily h ad h ot dogs.


J ack j uggled J ill’s j ewelry.


K evin’s k itten k issed K aren.


L aurie l oves l icking l emon l ollipops.


M y m other m akes m arvelous m acaroni.


N aughty N ed n eeded n ails and n ickels.


P eter P iper p icked a p eck of p ickled p eppers.


R apid R oger r uns r aces.


S am’s s ister s lurps s oup.


T om t ook t en t urtles t o t own.


V ic v isited v ery v icious v ultures.


W illiam w ent w est w ith W illy W inston.


Y oland y elled, “ Y ou y anked my y ellow y o- y o!”


Z eke’s z any z ebra had a z ipper.



Mid- Year Tongue Twisters


Bl ondie’s bl ueberries bl oomed and bl ossomed.


Br uce’s br other Br ian br ought br own br ead for br eakfast.


Cl audia cl osed the cl oset full of cl ean cl othes.


Cr abs, cr ickets, and cr ocodiles are cr eepy cr eatures.


Dr ew dr aws dr agons dr opping dr inks.


Fl ags, fl ip, fl y, and fl utter.


Fr eddie and Fr an fr y Fr ench fr ies.


Gl oria’s gl um because she gl ued her gl asses.


Sl ick Sl y sl ept on his sl ippery sl ed.


Sm art Sm itty sm ells sm oke.


Sn oopy the sn ail sn atched the sn ake’s sn azzy sn eakers.


Sp arky sp eeded into sp ace on a sp eedy sp aceship.


St ephanie St egosaurus st epped on St even’s st uff.


Sw ans sw im, sw irl, sw oop, and sw ay.


Tr acy tr ipped over Tr ey’s tr ucks and tr ains.


Sk inny Sk unk sk ipped over a sk eleton.


Ch ildren ch eer for ch eeseburgers and ch ocolate.


Th addeus th umped Th elma’s th umb.


Wh itney wh istles at wh eels and wh ales.


Sh erry sh ivers when sh e sh owers.