Wacky Word Wall Words
Wacky Word Wall Words



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This is the place to find out all you need to know about the Wacky World of Word Wall Words


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By learning certain rhyming patterns, children will be able to make new words from knowing only one pattern. How many words can be made in the -at family? With that in mind, we focus on 5 words each week that address vowel sounds, chunks, and word families that will enable your child to spell and read new words. The key here is to identify and use the spelling pattern.

Homework  big smile

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday:
Your child will be bringing home a notebook in which one of the activities below are to be done. The variety of activities allows for the different learning styles of the student. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to pass them along! Please sign the bottom of the page each night to insure that it was completed.

Cut out letters from the newspaper and glue them on to spell the words.

Here is a new one... log on to http://www.spellingcity.com/lbedford/  and do an activity on this really cool website. Just print it out so we can see. Each week's list is there for you to work on.
Write the words 2 times in one color of crayon and 2 times in another.
Write sentences with the words.
Write a letter to a friend, parent, favorite cartoon character, etc. using ALL of the words.
Write the words in a triangle form.
Write each word 3 times.
Put words in ABC order.
Write an opposite for each word.
Make each word mean more than one -add "s".
Add endings: "-ed" or "-ing".
Draw a picture for each word.
Write a story with all of the words.
Type all of the words and glue it in the notebook.
Make a mini-study book using all of the words.
Make a flash card for each word.

Have the child record themselves on a tape recorder spelling and saying the words. ( we would love         to hear it!)
Write in a sandbox, with shaving cream, with finger paint, on a chalkboard, or any other creative             way.
Take a practice test.

Write what little words you can make from the word. (like when we do Making Words)
Write each word on two index cards and play Memory. (If you do this throughout the year, what a great game you will have at the end of the year!!)

 Use Scrabble tiles or Boggle Cubes. 

 Make a "word picture" on www.wordle.net and print it out. This could be really cool!!!  
Write the words changing colors after each letter.

Write the rhymes of the words.
Play Wordo- Make a BINGO board and put different words in the boxes. Write the words on index cards also. Shuffle the deck of cards and call out the words. Good Luck!!
Play Sparkle. ( A word is given and then the child and parent say a letter each and when the word is finished the next person says "Sparkle").
Chant the words in one of our chants or one that is made up!!
Play "Be a Mind Reader"- (The parent gives clues to what the word is and the child has to write what word they think it is)
A Making Words sheet is sent home and study for the test!!
In class: 
Each day we review the words by chanting them in some crazy ways and writing them. We also make sentences with the words and do activities to practice the spelling patterns and notable items in the words. We then practice the current words and words that have been placed on the Word Wall. Once a word is on the Word Wall, the children are responsible for that word and the rhyming words. You can usually hear us down the hall during this time of day!! We really get into this time!! That's about it!!
If there are any questions or concerns, please let me know!!