October Ideas
October Ideas


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1. On birthdays, Christmas, or other holidays, give your child a gift certificate to a bookstore. Then go together, and assist your child in finding a book in his interest. You'll be building a home library.

2. Be sure your child gets exercise every day, by playing outdoors at the park, biking, swimming, running, dancing, taking a walk with you around the block, throwing a ball after supper, or playing Ping Pong.

3. Get your child an inexpensive magnifying glass to take along to the park, on walks, or car trips. He can examine the inside of flowers, take a closer look at leaves, tree bark, bugs, or many other interesting objects.

4. Give your child a flashlight and allow fifteen extra minutes "stay-up-late" time if he is READING at bedtime.

5. Fill a box with dress-up clothes, costumes, props, old hats-whatever treasures your attic holds. Younger children and their friends can spend hours watching.

6. Look over classroom papers sent home, graded tests, and other assignements, and commend your child's efforts to study and learn.

7. Leave lots of written messages and notes around your home. They can include encouragement, reminders about tasks to be done, and information everyone needs to know.

8. Set a good example when it comes to TV watching and READING. Let your child see you READING for entertainment.

9. Be a "Homework Consultant" for your child by neing available to help when he's stuck on a math problem, brainstorming for a story topic, or answering questions, but don't do the homework for him.

10.If your child writes a poem, frame it and display on the wall.

11. Catch your child doing something good or putting forth extra effort, and celebrate it!

12. Give your child a collection of fat, fuzzy, bright-colored pipe clearners. She can mold and shape the pipe cleaners to amke animals, people, shapes, or anything her imagination dreams up.

13. Play "BINGO" one evening and have silly prizes for completing a diagonal BINGO, Blackout BINGO, Big X BINGO, etc.

14. For math practice and conversation-boosting time, teach your child to play dominoes.