What to Expect Now

What to expect now


The future is now and your child is on her way to reading greatness. The basic difference now as your child moves up the levels is the length of the text and the material getting more sophisticated. There will be more and more non-fiction and your child will be required to read “to find something out” or make connections and comparisons more between topics. Your child will develop fond and long lasting relationships with characters in series books for there are more and more books with the same character. That is how we became such good friends with Junie B. Jones!! Keep talking to your child about what he is reading so that all of that information that is learned can be filed away into the proper folders. Talking about books also allows your child to make comparisons and see that reading makes the world come alive. The more that your child reads now, the better stamina that he will develop to read the longer books as he progresses through the levels. Of course the greatest benefit of all from all of this reading is to develop a life-long love of reading!! Keep reading and thinking and soaring to new heights!!