Reading Rules!!!!!
Reading Rules!!!!

Just when you thought that you had seen and read all that there was for reading in First Grade, an exciting new website has been found that will really take your child’s reading to the next level. Thank you to Mrs. Johnson, our wonderful librarian, for gaining access for us to the TumbleBooks website. There are SOOOOO many books that you will find in our classroom library, bookstores, and all over available at this website to read and follow along with on the computer. We will be reading some of the books in class on the SmartBoard. Well, of course I would LOVE for all of you to use this website to read, read, and read some more. So…

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Here is what we are going to do. We are going to have a Reading Rules Club, like the Math Muncher Club. There are book reports that can be printed out with each book. So here is an idea for some extra reading fun. Read one of the fantastic books and then download the book report. Then bring in the completed book report and get 5 tickets to redeem at the end of the month for one of our rewards. You will also move up on the Reading Rules chart and show everyone that you are a member of the club. The best part will be that you be practicing your reading and thinking and become a reading superstar!! If Sully was there she would you give you a big lick. I hope that you come aboard and join the Reading Rules Reading Club!! Click on the link below  and then click on the first Tumblebooks link that you see and get reading! Thanks Mrs. Johnson!!!