Meet the Teacher

Hi!  My name is Tiffany D'Arpa and this is my 9th year teaching in the Kenilworth School District in the fourth grade.  Graduating from Harding School myself, I am extremely honored to be teaching back in the place that taught me everything I needed to know to be the teacher and person I am today.  What makes things even sweeter is that I am teaching in the classroom I had in fourth grade!!! How awesome is that!?
I graduated with my Master's Degree from West Virginia University with a dual certification in Elementary and Special Education.  Some things you should know about me is that I am a NEW MOM! I have a wonderful little boy named Demetri.  He loves to giggle, roll on his belly, and is learning to crawl and clap his hands this summer.  Mr. D'Arpa and I also have a dog named Dozer.  He is 8 years old and is a cuddly 85 pound pitbull!  Some of my hobbies include decorating my house each holiday or new season, skiing, and cooking.  

This year's theme for our classroom is a "cooking theme".  We are a "Fresh Batch of Learners" and will find out that there are certain "INGREDIENTS" that we will need to complete assignments, learn 4th grade content, and be the best possible students we can be. 

I cannot wait to meet you all in September!

Mrs. D'Arpa