Homework generally follows the same schedule every night

Double sided workbook page


Monday- 3x each
Tuesday- Sentences 1-10
Wednesday- Sentences 11-20
(be sure to be writing grown-up sentences!)
Thursday- ABC order/ Study for Friday's test
Reading/ Language Arts
Various assignments based on our weekly skill or the grammar skill being focused on in class. Expect a reading or language arts assignment each night. 
Please note: Paragraph a Week assignments will begin after Winter Break.
If at any time the homework should be different than what is posted here, check your child's planner for the most up to date assignments.

***Be sure to do your homework every night! Students who complete all their homework for the month will earn a homework coupon good for one homework assignment!!***

Missed homework assignments are any assignments that are not turned in the day they are due, including assignments completed, but left at home. Each missed homework assignment will result in points deducted from the marking period's homework grade, a slip will be sent home to be signed, and the assignment will be completed during recess.