Classroom News
News: Our class did a great job focusing on the NJSLA test!  I am proud of their hard work and hope to see all of the students transition into 4th grade students with ease!

Students of the Month:

Sept:  Jeidy Bunay and Antonio Lahanas

Oct:    Nina Antonuccio and Ryan Nelson
Nov:   Cassandra Gizzi and Isabella Carreto
Dec:   Shannon Simon and Mateo Almeida

Jan:   Olivia Levy and Brandon Rebelo
Feb:   Hailee Hofmeister and Jett Vi
Mar:   Carmella Bellino and Romeo Carreto
Apr:    Emmanuel Atonal-Velazquez and Frankie Condo

May:   Zach Sims and Ryan Marques
June:  Samuel Bonsignore and Gabriel Monteiro