Paragraph-A-Week (PAW)


What is PAW?  Paragraph a week is a 2 week assignment that fourth grade students will complete. 

What will I be writing?  PAW assignments will be about all different things!  You may write a news article, a narrative, an explanation, etc. 

What do I have to do?  You will have to complete the brainstorm page, and write a detailed paragraph about the topic on lined paper. 

Is this graded?  Yes, your PAW will be graded using the rubric that is attached.  It will be graded out of 30 points, as seen on the rubric and will count as a Writing Quiz Grade.

Can I do this in class?  The PAW will be completed at home.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each week, we will be working on a few activities that go along with the PAW assigned that week.  As you brainstorm and write at home, it will be helpful to use some of the information and suggestions we practice in class.


If you have any questions about the PAW assignments, please let your teacher know!  We will model a PAW with each class on Monday, October 1st.  This will help you to understand just what you have to do at home.  The first PAW to be sent home will be on Friday, October 5th and due Friday, October 19th.

Happy Writing!

~Your Fourth Grade Teachers