Mrs. Jeans

‚ÄčLet's say you're sick of being bullied by another kid in your school - and who wouldn't be?

Or maybe the problem is that you're going to middle school,

and you're nervous about it because you're struggling in math.

Perhaps  you just found out your parents are getting divorced,

or your dog just died and you're so upset that you can't concentrate on doing your homework,

you feel like you need to talk to someone about everything that's going on.

A great person to share your thoughts and feelings with is your


Mrs. Kristen Jeans
School Counsleor
908-276-5936 ext.558


Performance Based PARCC Grades 3-6
March 2-27

End of Year PARCC Grades 3-6
April 27-May 22

NJ ASK Science Grade 4
MAy 27
(Make- Up May 28)