Supply List






Mrs. Smith's Class Supply List 2017-2018

Here is a list of supplies that students will need for a successful year!

  • 2-2 pocket poly vinyl folders  (one for homework and extra work)

  • a writing journal, which can be as simple as a standard composition journal, or as fancy as one purchased in a book store.  Please pick out one you are comfortable with and that will encourage you to write in it. ( no bigger than a composition notebook)

  • 4- 12 packs of pencils -sharpened

  • Personal pencil sharpener

  • 2- jumbo book socks or book covers

  • 1-pair of headphones or ear buds, bagged and labeled with name (can be purchased from the dollar store)

  • flash cards- both addition/subtraction and multiplication/division (can be found at dollar store or Target dollar spot, Walmart)

  • a pack of 3 or 4 wipe off markers (fine tip, NO chisel tips)

  • 1- sock (used as a wipe off rag for white boards)

  • 1- 1inch  3 ring binder, with clear view cover

  • completed Student Survey/Parent Survey (which will be sent in the mail before summer's end)

    *It is important that all of your supplies are labeled with your name*

    *In addition, if you come across any of the following items, please consider picking up one or two for the classroom.

    Classroom Wish List Items

  • boxes of tissues , paper towels, baby wipes, packs of copy/printer paper. © 2016 West Corporation. All rights reserved.