November 20-

LA (am) action verbs wks

Science p 138-139 finish. Test is Wednesday Chapter 4

LA- Wordly wise 5 parts C and D

November 19-

LA (am) quiz tomorrow on chapters 16-18. Grammar wks (6L) and reading wks (6D)

LA- answer essay question on Attean using the evidence from class

Science- finish p. 136-137 #1-12, review sheets

November 16-

LA (am)- quiz on Chapters 16-18 is Tuesday

Science quiz is Monday (4.3) finish review sheet

LA (pm) quiz on "out of the Flames" is Wednesday.

November 15-

LA (am) spelling quiz is tomorrow. Do 2 wks spelling (6L) and 3x each for 6D

Science- quiz is Monday- finish packet

LA- none

November 14-

LA ( am) spelling sentences

LA- pm- Chapter 12-13 vocab

Science (6S) wks 54