January 17-


January 16-

LA (AM)- 3x (6d) spelling quiz tomorrow. 6L wordly wise quiz tomorrow

Science 6S chapters questions ( reading, visual and key concept)

LA- pm- none

January 15-

Science p. 394 #1-6

LA (AM)- sentences (highlighted words 6L) sentences 6D. Quiz is Thursday

LA- (PM) mood/tone wks and text structures from Scholastic Scope

January 14-

Science 6L- outline

LA (AM)- sentences WW1 (6L) and 3x (6D)

LA_ (PM) none. Test tomorrow on "Nothing Holds me back"

January 11-

No homework!

January 10-

Science- finish Chapter 12 vocab tabs

LA- am)- spelling 3x (6D) 5x (6L)- scope test is tomorrow

LA- pm- tone/mood packet. WW7 test is tomorrow.

January 9th-

Science test is tomorrow Chapter 11

LA(am)- Tone/Mood wks all (6L) 1-10 (6D)

LA- pm- Wordly wise quiz is Friday. Scope test is Tuesday