New Word Poster

Due:  Friday February 2nd, 2018

What:              As Nick Allen did, you too will be creating your own word!  This word will be something that is original and creative.  It’s made up by YOU. 

How:               You will search your brain far and wide to come up with an original word.  In this project, you will create a poster, banner, or ANYTHING you can come up with that will introduce your word to the world!  Whatever you decide to create should be imaginative, neat, and descriptive.  Remember to display your word large enough.  Things you should include in your project should be a definition, pictures, sentences that will show examples of the word being used, and anything else you come up with that will help to describe your word.

Presentation: You will be presenting your poster to the class. 

Grading:          You will be graded on both the project and the presentation.  This will count as a reading test grade.  Please look at the rubric below!


Possible Points

Points Received

Description (be sure to describe the word well and use examples and pictures)



Neatness (no cross-outs, eraser marks, or sloppy work!)



Mechanics (spelling, punctuation, grammar)



Creativity (use your imagination!!)



Presentation (be sure to speak loudly, make eye contact, and know what you want to talk about)




Final Grade:  __________

Teacher Comments: