Supply List

5th Grade Supply List for Ms. Vitale and Mrs. Duffy 2017-2018

- Inexpensive flash drive (In Ziploc baggie with first and last name)

- Inexpensive headphone (In Ziploc baggie with first and last name)

(7) 2 pocket folder (different colors) (strong material please)

  • Math
  • Writing
  • Science/Social Studies
  • Novel
  • Homework
  • Classwork
  • Spanish

(3) single subject notebooks

  • Science/Social Studies
  • Writing
  • Spelling

(2) 2 boxes of #2 pencils

(1) colored pen (any color will do)

(1) black sharpie

(1) pair of child scissors

(1) dry erase marker ( any color)

 (2) highlighters ( any colors)

(1) soft pencil case

(2) packs of 3x3 inch post-it notes ( sticky notes)

(1) novel of your choice for silent reading – be sure it is a just right book for independent reading




 If possible, please bring in 2 of the following items. They are greatly appreciated!

Paper towels, tissues, baby wipes, anti-bacterial wipes