Harding Library

Welcome to the Harding Elementary School Library!


Thank you to all supporting our annual library book fair. 

Book Fair delivery update: All books orders have been delivered!! Please check your child's order and contact me at clarice_johnson@kenilworthschools.com ASAP if there is an error so that it can be corrected before the end of the school year.

A heartfelt thank you to the following volunteers without whom the book fair would not be possible: Mrs. Brunette, Mrs. Ciesla, Mrs. Della Pietra, Mrs. Duda, Mrs. Lipke, Ms. Miller (and her mom), Mrs. Monagas, Mrs. Piotrowicz, Mrs. Sammet, Mrs. Shah, Mrs. Sims, and Mrs. Terranova.

In addition, thank you to Mrs. Budis, Mrs. Dutkevicz and the classroom aides for their help.


Friday, June 1st was the last day for book checkout. Please note that some classes did not check out books due to the nature of their lesson. (Students will be able to check out books for classroom assignments given after June 1st.)


All library books must be returned before the last day of school. Notices of books checked out will go home in backpacks the week of June 4th. All library books must be returned by Wednesday, June 13th. 

Our Library Program

Students in kindergarten through sixth grade attend a scheduled period once a week. Library period is more than checking out books. Your children will explore different authors and genres, learn to select books for school assignments and topics of personal interest, make connections between life and what they read, and learn the best and fastest ways to find the information they need to complete classroom assignments. Grades 3 through 6 will also receive computer instruction to improve their information seeking and technology skills.

Check-out privileges by grade are as follows. (Privileges may be increased for classroom research projects. Books should be brought to the library each week for renewal or return.)

Kindergarten through 1st grade: 1 book
2nd through 3rd : 2 books (3rd graders may select up to 3 books after Thanksgiving)
4th through 6th : 3 books

Overdue notices will be sent home in backpacks once a month beginning in October. Please help your child locate their books by checking backpacks, home book shelves, under beds, etc. Students should also check their school desk and classroom libraries.

Online library. The Harding library has great online sources for reading and research. See links at the left for login instructions.

Here are a few easy ways for you to help your child get the most out of reading:

  • Provide a comfortable place and a daily quiet time for reading.
  • Schedule time to read aloud as a family.
  • Be a role model: let your children see you reading.
  • Talk about books! Books are a wonderful topic for conversation! Tell me about the book you are reading. What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? Ask them about the characters and the plot. What are a few interesting facts you learned?

If you have any questions about the library program, please send an email to Clarice_Johnson@kenilworthschools.com


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