October 17-

Science- none

LA (L/D) finish questions for Chapters 7 and 8

LA- pm- finish vocab for Chapter 1 and read chapters 1 and 2

October 15-

La (am) 3x each Donohue, worksheet and 5x each (Luerssen)

Science p.112 #1-7

LA- pm- review sheet for WW3- quiz is Wednesday

October 11-

Science test is tomorrow on Chapter 3

LA( am)- spelling quiz tomorrow and 2 wks

LA- ( pm) have Scope test signed, 2 wks, grammar test is Monday.

October 10-

Science test is Friday. Have your quiz signed and finish the review sheet (6L)

LA_ theme wks #4 and #5 spelling quiz is Friday

LA- pm THEME wks and wordly wise parts A-C

October 9-

Science test is Friday ( chapter 3)- 6S have quiz signed
6L finish flash cards and do review sheet.

LA (am)- spelling wks/ sentences

LA- (pm)- finish writing the rough copy of your narrative essay.

October 4-

LA (L/D) spelling wks and sentences. Have quiz signed

Science 6S- quiz is tomorrow

October 3

Science 6L- p. 102-103 #1-14

LA9 pm)- Scope test is tomorrow. Finish grammar wks and have a topic for your narrative.

October 1, 2018

Science- finish packet. Quiz is Wednesday Lesson 3.2

LA- L/D quiz tomorrow on chapters 1 and 2

LA- pm- have wordly wise quiz signed. Finish grammar worksheets

September 28-

Science wks 39- quiz is Wednesday

LA- L/D- finish grammar wks and chapter three questions.

LA- pm- WW quiz is Monday. Do WW2 review sheet and finish scope questions.

September 26-

La (L/D) spelling and grammar wks- spelling quiz is Friday.

Science- finish vocab tabs, water cycle picture and questions.

LA- pm- Honey Badgers packet

September 25-

LA- L/D- grammar wks, spelling 5 x each and have quiz signed.

Science- finish vocab tabs, water cycle picture and questions.

LA- pm- Wordly Wise 2 parts C-E

September 24-

LA ( L/D) finish illustration the Frisby home and complete spelling sentences.

LA- pm- finish parts A and B of Wordly wise 2

Science- none

September 21-

Science have quiz signed

LA (pm) finish citing evidence packet from Scholastic scope.

September 20-

LA (L/D)- grammar wks 43

LA (pm)  Old Yeller test is tomorrow. Complete two worksheets on setting/plot and the four types of sentences.

Science quiz is tomorrow

September 18-

LA- (L/D) grammar worksheets

Science- 6S do wks 18
             6L complete reading packet. 

 September 17-

Science 6S- finish reading packet. Quiz is Friday lesson 3.1

LA- pm class. Wordly Wise 1 review and context clues wks. Quiz on WW1 is tomorrow.

September 13-

Science- p. 84  #1-6 and 8

LA (pm)- Wordly Wise parts D and E. Quiz is Tuesday.

September 12-

LA (L/D) worksheet on setting

LA- pm- two wks on setting and plot

September 11, 2018-

Science- vocabulary worksheet

Language Arts- vocabulary worksheet