June 11th



Monday - no HW
Tuesday - no HW

Wednesday - no HW

Thursday - no HW

Language Arts

Monday - Book club assignment
Tuesday - no HW
Wednesday - Book club assignment

Thursday - Book club assignment


There is no spelling or vocabulary this week.

Spelling Week
*50 point activity due Friday & spelling test Friday

Vocabulary Week
Monday - exercises a & b
Tuesday - exercises c & d
Wednesday - exercise e
Thursday - lesson review 
*Vocabulary test on Friday

Wordly Wise (Spelling Week)

  1. Monday – Define 4 words
  2. Tuesday- Define next 4 words
  3. Wednesday- Define next 4 words
  4. Thursday- Define last 3 words

Make flash cards over the weekend or during the 10 minutes we have before recess (due Monday during voc. week) -
(can use notebook paper for flash cards)

Wordly Wise (Vocabulary Week)

Wordly Wise lesson activities & study your flash cards

Social Studies/ Science

Reminders *Fifth grade awards Friday, June 15th 9am - parents/guardians welcome to attend*